I am a 4th year Ph.D. student at University at Buffalo. My current research work is in Flexible Smartphone Energy Management where we explore flexible framework and innovative policies to smartly manage energy in smartphones. I am interested in all aspects of mobile computing and also in systems security.

To be truthful, it was not a quirk of fate that I find myself interested in Computer Science. Since school days, as early as 4th-5th grade, Computer Science has always been one of my favorite subjects. So after school it was not hard to decide that I want to pursue higher studies in Computer Science. But that’s the easy part. During my undergrad years in West Bengal University of Technology (in India), I was completely sure that I am only interested in Network and Information Security and accordingly worked on few related projects. I finished my B.Tech in 2009. It was only after coming to University at Buffalo on Fall 2010 that I was exposed to other interesting research fields in computer science. It was like being left unsupervised in a candy store for an year or so. Soon I zeroed my interest on mobile computing, to be specific on smartphones. After finishing my Masters in Science, I joined the blue group under the mentorship of Geoffrey Challen to continue my doctoral studies in Spring 2012.

Other than research, I have a few more interests that I try to indulge in. I absolutely love traveling, dancing and eating. The top 3 things in my bucket list named "Before 2018 December" are: backpacking for 2 months across South America, private pilot license, and certified sky diver.

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