I’m a second year Masters student. My primary research interest is mobile systems and I enjoy developing apps.

I have an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication from SJCE. I mostly ignored the electronics part (except during the exams) and concentrated on the remaining subjects which mainly dealt with signal processing, information theory and beginner AI courses. After graduating, I joined Motorola Inc where I worked as an Android app developer. I later joined the Push-to-Talk over Cellular team whose VoIP solution is used by government agencies in US.

At UB, I initially intended to specialize in AI but ended up liking systems more. My primary areas of interest are mobile systems especially Android and machine learning. When I’m on campus I can be usually found in PhoneLab, which has become my second home or hanging out at La Rosa Pizzeria in The Commons.

In my free time I explore and photograph little-known places in the city, especially on sunny days. I love traveling and recently I’ve been teaching myself how to create 3D models and renders. I also blog occasionally at http://srirambms.github.io.

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