I am a fourth-year computer science undergraduate working in blue through the PhoneLab REU. My interests are inclined towards operating systems and web. I am also a Teaching Assistant for How Internet Works and Data Structures in C++.

I became curious about computers when I first joined my high school’s robotics team—​The GalaxyRoboTechs! We used to participate in several competitions which were organized by FIRST and WRO. It gave me an amazing opportunity to explore various fields such as robotics, research and designing. We represented India and achieved prestigious awards at various international robotic events in USA, Germany and Malaysia. These experiences helped me figure out that I wanted to pursue Computer Science that point forward. After I graduated from my high school, I mentored various teams which represented India in various robotic competitions, which helped me develop my leadership skills.

I joined The University at Buffalo (UB) in 2013, and started working with PhoneLab on systems research in my sophomore year. In Summer 2016, I interned with Viacom where I worked on adding live-streaming support to MTV’s existing Apple-TV app. I will be graduating from UB in Spring 2017, therefore I’m actively looking for full-time opportunities in the area of systems and web. To know more about me, please visit my personal website brijeshrakholia.me.

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