I am a third year computer science undergraduate student at the University at Buffalo. When I began college I was working towards a degree in business and maintained an inclination towards a liberal arts education. Growing up my interests had always been in creativity and expression rather than technical capabilities.

Coming from a small rural agricultural community I had no previous exposure to the field of computer science. It was only by chance that I was exposed to computer science by a friend two years into my educational pursuit. Two weeks after that chance meeting I jumped out of my comfort zone and switched my major to computer science. That fateful decision has been among the best I have ever made. Pursuing a degree in computer science has been one of the most challenging, enriching and rewarding experiences of my life. I believe my eclectic educational background grants me unique perspectives in computer science, transitioning from business to applied science gives me a broad perspective of the field. In retrospect, if I would have looked back and realized how much star trek I watched and wired magazines I’d read growing up I’d have realized this is where I belonged all along.

Since August of 2015 I have been a part of Blue Labs. I am collaborating with Geoffrey Challen and lab members to produce a website to supplement a developing computer science course at the University at Buffalo.

My interests in the field of computer science are currently broad. My main interests lie in innovative technology projects, data and UI/UX.

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