I am a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in computer science here at the University at Buffalo. I’m interested in learning all that I can during my undergraduate studies with emphasis on machine learning and big data, though after taking Operating Systems and researching in phoneLab it seems I’m becoming more inclined towards mobile systems.

I have been interested in computers since my first high school tech class. This led me to run a small iPhone repair business for extra money in high school and start teaching myself basic coding skills. It was during this time that I found out what I love to do, programming! Since then I started to pursue an academic career in computer science in August 2013 and had opportunities to work on many fascinating projects since then.

Whether it be for my personal enjoyment, with a group of friends, or for industry, every project I have worked on has taught me something new and exciting. I am currently working with blue and ODIn lab at UB on a few different research projects. One being the pocketData project, where we are benchmarking, analyzing and improving embedded databases on modern smart phones. The other being the OptiWifi project where we are attempting to streamline the optimization of wifi user networks.

I look forward to both learning and contributing all that I can to/from blue!

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