I’m a Junior at UB studying Computer Science and Art. I aim to become a high school computer science teacher.

In Summer 2016 I was given the opportunity to develop CSE 199: How the Internet Works with Geoffrey Challen and 25 other UTAs. The class was a great success and will stay with me as one of my most significant experiences at UB. The course provided me with a greater affirmation that education is the place for me.

Currently I’m working on processing CSE 199 data for the future of internet-class.org with Heeba Kariapper. We hope to publish a paper and submit to SIGCSE about our experience with CSE 199 and the lessons learned. I take any opportunity to contribute to computer science education at UB and in the broader community.

Outside of academia, I’m learning to cook and am training for a half-marathon I’ll run with my 3 siblings next August!

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