The Instructional Operating Systems Framework

Operating systems are the masterworks of computer systems—​stable, mature, well-designed systems that have evolved for decades to respond to user needs and hardware capabilities. is an online framework based on the Harvard’s OS/161 instruction operating system designed to allow students anywhere to learn to design and program operating systems.

Currently is used by Geoffrey Challen and the blue Systems Research Group at the University at Buffalo (UB) to teach "CSE 421/521: Introduction to Operating Systems." The ops-class framework has successfully provided UB students with the ability to complete the same assignments offered to Harvard students despite significantly-fewer human instructional resources. By automating and standardizing online grading, allows teaching assistants to reduce the time they spend grading and increase the time they spend helping students complete the assignments.

In 2016, Scott Haseley and Yihong Chen significantly improve the existing automated grading infrastructure through the addition of a new declarative distributed testing tool called test161. test161 now allows students anywhere to complete and evaluate the automatically-graded portions of the OS/161 assignments for free on their own machines. test161 secures the remote testing process by embedding secrets into the testing suite at compile time. This allows us to distribute almost all tests to students—​avoiding the "security via obscurity" approach taken by many classes that use automated grading—​while preventing students from reverse engineering graded evaluations. test161 also maintains leader boards and shows the progress of online grading interactively through a web interface built using Meteor and React.

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