This is my fourth year as an undergraduate in computer engineering at the University at Buffalo. My time here has been full of interesting events as well as unexpected opportunities. Before I was in the PhoneLab I was and still am involved in the custom ROM and Android modification community over at xda and was building ROMs as a hobby. I am now one of the Systems Administrators and platform developers for the PhoneLab. I am also working on logging all API calls in the platform.

I’ve been working with computers ever since my middle school years when I was finding ways to run my own programs on school computers by running them on flash drives. After I was introduced to Linux in my high school I have been slowly integrating myself into the Linux environment and growing in the open source community. I am currently a programming mentor for my local FIRST robotics team 1507. I enjoy being able to show the kids in my high school all of the things they can do with the knowledge and skills they acquire through the robotics program. I am also an avid tinkerer. I am always working on some idea I have come up with in my spare time when I should probably be working on more important things. This lab has allowed me to really expand upon my abilities though. Seeing what they do in the lab with these devices is amazing and has only led me further towards an interest in mobile hardware applications. I don’t know what it’s going to be like for me here in six months, but I can’t wait to find out.

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