CSE 720: Personal Cloud Computing

Fall 2014 (8/25/2014–12/15/2014)
Enrollment: 5


Computing history seems to be on a "Back to the Future" trajectory. 50 years ago we had to line up to use large expensive computers maintained by a small elite; today, we are increasing required to rent computing from cloud service providers, paying with either our money or with our privacy. Some of the tinkering spirit that launched the personal computing movement is being lost.

Interestingly, at the same moment that we are becoming more reliant on the corporate cloud, consumers increasingly have their own personal cloud consisting of multiple powerful devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, various kinds of computing appliances, as well as retired old devices lying unused in closets and drawers. This seminar will explore applying the design principles of cloud computing to allow consumers to build scalable, powerful, reliable, and usable personal clouds out of their existing personal devices.

During the semester we will read papers related to the seminar’s themes with student-led discussions. Students will also work in teams on several projects related to the course content, which could include new file systems, wireless protocols, and approaches to migrating computation suitable for next-generation personal clouds.

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